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Organisers – problem


You can have all the apps in the world and still not be able to
connect with the person standing next to you.


No app will tell you what your personal social rating is
in actual space or among your contacts.

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Organisers – socialising


YAC tells you who the people around you are – real life, real time, real space.

It allows you to interact and socialise with people you actually see (bars, clubs, festivals…). It will break the ice between you and people around you.

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Organisers – business networking-l

Business Networking


YAC for business tells you who is who at a networking event and who wishes to interact with you. It will allow you to target your networking to people you need to meet.

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Organisers – festivals

YAC @ Events

With YAC you know who is around you at that time…


You can interact with people without internet…


…making YAC a perfect app for socialising at big festival events where people that come from abroad do not have data/mobile roaming turned on.

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Organisers – personalrating

Personal Rating


YAC uses special algorithms to compute your personal rating – one that you have compared to people in the same space (bar, club, networking event) or compared to your contacts.


The rating is an indicator of social interaction (popularity) – personal or business.

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